About us

About Us

Dave Fintech Wealth Advisors was established by MR. MAHESH A DAVE with the aim of providing best services in the Finance Industry. Our organization has been helping families and institutions reach their financial goals and objectives for over 30 years. We have been rendering a multitude of services over the past 30 years, especially in the field of Finance. The firm has grown and evolved over time, but has remained true to its core founding principles of providing clear, objective advice and a high level of personal service.

Our vast knowledge, expertise and core competence in various areas helps us to serve our client’s varied needs and achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.Since our launch, we have helped more than 700 customers across all over India and abroad. 64% of our customers have referred us to friends and 98% of our customer are satisfied with our services, a huge testimony to our core value of “Doing the right thing for the customer”.


Our Mission

We exist to personally guide our clients to pursue a greater financial future, allowing them to realize their passions and their dreams.We help you relieve your stress relating to your financial worries.


Our Vision

“Exceeding the expectation of our clients by consistently rendering quality services and becoming one of the top consulting firms in India.” To be most trusted and respected by our clients for our professional knowledge, integrity, and service which exceeds their expectations.

Our Beliefs

We know trust is the highest compliment a client can give to us, so we will do whatever we can do to keep it. We strive to help you find ways to live your life to its richest and fullest extent possible with the assets and time that you have.

We understand that your individual financial situation is unique and deserves an individual approach designed to help put you on track to reaching your financial goals. We are well known for maintaining high confidentiality of Clients’ data as we value secrecy of Financial data.

We integrate financial expertise and life expertise into a single advisory service that helps clients see all sides of every financial decision.

Effective Asset allocation strategies can be provided to clients as per their Customized needs

  •   Define Goals
  •   Gauge Risk Tolerance
  •   Choose a Mix of Assets to Suit Your Needs.

We provide tailor made solutions to satisfy the clients’ needs through a flawless and dedicated process, technology and innovation.

We believe that innovative financial planning and investment management should be integrated and centred on the achievement of goals.

Ease of transaction process we follow for Online services for people out of Ahmedabad or India to get outbound technology savy investments in less time.

You and Your goals are our priority. Not only fulfilment of Your goals is our responsibility, but we also make sure that this entire process of Making Wealth is INDEPENDENT, COMPREHENSIVE AND COMPETENT.

Our clients should always be pleased with the customer service we provide them. We commit to help ensure you will always be satisfied with the personal attention you receive and the service you get.

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Special Bonus Tips for achieving Financial Goals:

Here’s how you can be smart about your Investment Plans

Add to your retirement fund:

Build your retirement nest egg, instalment by instalment.

Invest for big ticket goals:

Start setting aside funds today for bigger future expenses e.g. car, vacation, kid’s education, etc.

Invest in yourself:

Set aside some of your bonus for a course you want to take, or a skill development training you’d like to attend. Maybe even join the gym, but don’t forget you’re important!

Build an emergency fund:

It’s ideal to have at least 6 months of expenses saved in an emergency fund.

Pay off debt:

Invest in mutual funds to build a corpus that you can use to pay off any existing or future debt. This way you can minimise what you owe and save on the hefty interest payments.